I'm Boring: Here's why.

  Sup. I'm Shaun. I go by "v01dwalk-" online. I'm a 21-year-old college student studying Computer Science somewhere on the outskirts of Toronto, Canada. I've been a fan of anything IT related since I took apart, and effed up my parents' home computer as a small child. In case you're wondering, the beating was indeed worth it. Since then I've always had an unfaltering curiosity for technology in its entirety. In around late 2018, after getting bored of the concept of IoT I decided to move on to something more exciting. That got me thinking. "I should probably get into security" I thought to myself. And thus, like a goldfish that just forgot what it was doing, I started to learn to hack stuff. I began taking out some time in the day to learn a little bit here and there. I got into ctfs and have made some amazing friends throughout my journey. Nowadays I spend my time reading up on security concepts and doing CTFs.