Listen to me ramble.

Trace Labs CTF @ BSidesTO 2019 - Securing the Win!

    I think it's important to start off letting you know that I came into this CTF with a grudge. I was mad. "Why were you mad?" you might ask. The answer to that question is simple. I was mad at myself. You see, this was my second local Missing Persons CTF @ Trace Labs. My first event had ended with us in first place, that is, only until the judges decided to dock us points by removing some of our team's submissions. To be more specific, some of my submissions. Fourth place wasn't going to cut it this time. I was on a mission to secure this win, come hell or high water. After booting up my laptop and some difficulty connecting to the network (God damnit Trace Labs work on load balancing next time) I was ready to begin. Read more...

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